• Indoor and outdoor packed goods storage
  • Bulk storage in 30’ container of 56 cubic meters capacity


Packed Goods loading and unloading

  • Forklift and Transpallets
  • VNA Very Narrow Aisle forklift for handling of pallet into the racking
  • Fixed and movable platforms for loading/unloading
  • Handling operations for every packaging type

Bulk Goods loading and unloading

  • Unloading from silotruck to container
  • Unloading / decanting from container to silotruck
  • Automatic unloading / decanting facilities with rotovalve
  • Tilting platforms for the unloading / decanting of goods by gravity


  • Automatic bag slitting facilities
  • Packaging and reconditioning
  • Pallets repackaging

Containers and vehicles weighing

  • Weighbridges with 80.000 kg capacity

Accessory operations

  • Container setting for bulk loading
  • Equipment removal from container and waste disposal
  • Packaging reconditioning: Pallet, BigBags and Octabin
  • Strechooding