Integrated Logistics

CLBT is specialized in Integrated Logistics with the storage of palletized goods in a specially built warehouse of 12,000 square meters equipped with intensive racking with a capacity for 15,000 pallets.

The racking is designed to accommodate any type of chemical pallet (CP) and for any type of packaging (pallets with 20/25 kg bags, BigBags and Octabins.

The management and handling of pallets is automated thanks to the use of the computer system integrated with the use of specific trilateral trolleys (VNA).

The pallets are all individually identified at a single unit level (product, lot) with barcode labelling.


  • Pallet storage of raw materials and finished products
  • Storage is possible for any type of CP pallet

Equipment and plants

Upload and download

  • Front forklifts
  • VNA trilateral trolleys
  • Pallet truck
  • Handling and manipulation on any type of packaging


  • Packaging and packaging change
  • Pallet reconditioning

Ancillary operations

  • Pallet labelling according to customer specifications
  • Insertion of Air Bag on container
  • Pallet wrapping with film machine

Computer system

  • Barcode labelling
  • Automation of pallet handling
  • Traceability in real time of every single pallet
  • Daily reporting to customers