• 65000 sq. m warehouses for bonded or national goods
  • of which 12,000 square meters equipped with intensive shelving with a capacity of 15,000 pallets

Intermodal Bulk Terminal

  • 3 private rails (500 m long each)
  • Over 3000 TEU terminal capacity
  • 1 train loading/unloading every 2 hours
  • Private parking lot for about 30 trucks
  • Internal cleaning station for silotrucks with 4 cleaning lanes
  • Availability of 4 weighbridges with 80.000Kg weigh capability

Facilities and equipments

  • Typical bag slitting (polyethylene, paper and raphia) and big bags discharge operatios
  • More than 130.000 T/year
  • Automatic bag slitting facilities with anti-contamination checks
  • Tilting platforms for goods discharge from containers
  • Automatic equipment for loading of bulk goods into containers or silotrucks

Customs office

  • Customs operations carried out only by qualified and accredited staff. Availability of in-house office procedure
  • Intrastat declarations
  • Consultancy service

IT – Information Technology

  • CLBT has a strong predisposition to direct customer support using the main customer-carrier interconnection standards (CIDX, Elemica), integrated via EDI with the customer’s ERP systems (SAP, AS400)
  • CLBT It uses dedicated and specific software for the management of the FIFO of the products, at the level of detail of the single production lots.
  • Pallet management with barcoding
  • Full reporting for INBOUND, OUTBOUND, STOCK is available