Bulk Technology – Downstream and storage in container

CLBT is specialized in Bulk Technology with bulk storage in containers as an alternative to the traditional silos technology.

Bulk Technology, due to low investments and reduced maintenance costs, allows a goods volumes management with a large flexibility.

Capacity is unlimited and adaptable for any quantities of product. The product is always tracked and batches are clearly identified.

Bulk in container

  • Variable costs: It is only paid only what is needed, there are no costs for fixed assets
  • High flexibility: Availability of equipment can be adapted based on market demand
  • Only one handling is needed: Reduction of operating costs
  • No limitations to quantity and grade to managae
  • Ready to be delivered: Container = storage and transport unit
  • No limitations to storage locations: Depot can be done where it is needed
  • Single unit weighing: Full, univocal and safe traceability of products and batches

Hub for import


Bulk Technology is the more efficient way to receive and handle huge volumes of goods coming from all the producing countries of the world.